Battle Demonstrations

At various locations throughout the year, organizers hold reenactments which involve mock battles with infantry, cavalry and artillery units. These battles often try to duplicate the actual maneuvers made by the respective military units. Infantry (foot) and calvary engagements involve gun and saber fights - the artillery fires their cannon - so there’s lots of noise and smoke - but don’t worry we aren’t shooting live rounds. For the public watching these “battles” they can get a sense of what the soldiers were up against.

In addition the reenactors set up military and civilian camps-canvas tents, campfire cooking, etc. to be as period correct as possible. Our horses are tethered to a picket line (a heavy rope strung between trees) which allows them to have a small area to move, eat and lay down.



Living Histories

Education is an important part of our group. We try to get both adults & kids more interested in America’s past.  Living histories give us a unique opportunity to interact with the spectators and share the information we have accumulated. Whether it be correcting commonly held misconceptions or explaining uniforms and weaponry, we are happy to answer any questions the public may have.

In order to give the public a feel for what the men & women endured during the war, we strive to be as period correct as possible with our clothing, guns, tack and equipment. (Yes, that does involve wearing a wool uniforms in the summer time!)

There is a wide variety of civil war era reproduction clothing and equipment for sale at events thru vendors called “Sutlers”.

Virginia Cavalry
Company A - White’s Battalion

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